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The Rolling Stone "Online"

Issued by the USS Whetstone (LSD-27) Association

If you have 12 minutes to spare out of your day, I urge you to view this.
If you have already seen the video, I am sure you will appreciate another opportunity.
Please share the link with your friends and shipmates.

"America the Beautiful"
A Tribute to our flag
Vocal by Elvis Presley

Courtesy of Bob Thompson, Retired Military Veteran, Panama City, Florida

THE Next USS WHETSTONE REUNION Oct. 2nd.,2020-Oct. 4th., 2020

Will be held at the Fairfield Inn, 100 East Jefferson Street, Louisville, KY


The USS Whetstone (LSD-27) Association


It is here!  The July - 80th Edition of the Rolling Stone Newsletter is online and ready to be viewed.



Please, make this year one of Remembrance for our Service Personnel.
Let them know that their sacrifices are truly appreciated.


Mychal's Prayer
Lord, take me where You want me to go;
Let me meet who you want me to meet;
Tell me what You want me to say, and
Keep me out of Your way.

Written by New York City Fire Department Chaplin:
Friar Mychal F. Judge

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Welcome aboard the U. S. S. Whetstone

    While no longer an "Active Fleet" vessel, the Whetstone remains active in the hearts and memories of those who have served aboard her.  This site is a modern way to preserve these memories.   Because of Whetstone's long active service there will be more to remember than the space available for sharing.  Consequently, those wanting only a quick history should go to our "Launch to Decommission Historical Dates" page (and a thank you to the efforts of Patrick Clancey and our shipmates).  Our "Cruises" page will contain the photos, sea stories and cruise details.  With all that may be contained in this page, loading time will be longer, though more informative and enjoyable.

    The "Rolling Stone" is entering uncharted waters.  The Hydrographic Office has not issued a Notice to Mariners that contains good navigation clues.  Unless of course, you venture to the pages about reports of "Marine Phenomenon".  This site has been developed with the goal of a return to safe harbor.  There are two levels of access.  One is general access to any and all who wish to visit and learn.  The second is for crew members only.  For this level, access permission is required for all former shipmates and it will not be available to non-crew members.  We would like to invite all former shipmates to join the U.S.S. Whetstone Association by visiting  our "Registration" page.  Current members are also requested to visit and complete a registration.  There are two types of membership in the Association, voting and non-voting.  All former Crewmembers or surviving members of their immediate family, Wives and progeny over 18, may join as voting members (See By-Laws).  Those others who wish to join are encouraged to do so, whether former/current military or civilian.  These persons will be non-voting members.  However, all members will receive the Quarterly News Letter.  Dues are voluntary at an annual cost of $25.00.   Only voting members will be allowed access to the Crew Quarters pages.

    Welcome Aboard and enjoy your cruise.

IT'S OFFICIAL:  During the Business Meeting at the 2000 Reunion this site was incorporated as the "Official Web Site of the U.S.S. Whetstone Association".  Go to the Webmaster page for additional information about how you can help us support and enlarge this site.

REUNION: Reunion News will be the place to start for information and updates for our upcoming 2014 Reunion.  Pertinent information will be published when available.  Reunion 2010 was well attended. At the moment I have no pictures to publish. Any pictures that you would like to share would be appreciated. Reunion 2008 was well attended.  We will add a page or two of pictures once I receive them.  Help me out shipmates!  Reunion 2002 has evolved successfully and a great time was had by all.  We have recapped the events and also provide a pictorial history.  As we remember, please enjoy.  Reunion 2004 has also evolved successfully.  Photographs taken by the David A. Vydra (Webmaster) have been edited and uploaded to the 2004 Reunion Photographs page.  There are 385 photos.  Bring a lunch and enjoy.  And now you may review some pictures of the 2006 Reunion.

UNIT & REUNION LINKS:  As a service to members and visitors, we will have a links page for other U. S. Naval Vessels and adjunct affiliated forces i.e., Seabees, Phibron, Desron, UDT, Seals etc.  There is a new "Navy News" Newsletter section where we have included a page dedicated to upcoming U.S. Navy/Marine Unit reunions.  We invite webmasters and presidents of these organizations to contact the Webmaster: or Bill Coakley: so that we may include your reunion.

SHIPMATES: Looking for a member?  We have a complete listing of members Onboard from 1944 through 1970 in Assn Members.  Our Ship's Company Data Base will contain detailed information about all Shipmate members.   It will be restricted to Shipmates registered in the Association only.

Links : We have updated our list as of 10/15/15.  Try Bluejacket, you will be pleasantly surprised.  If you have difficulty with a link, please notify the webmaster.

WEBMASTER BULLETINS:  Be sure to check the Bulletins for News, Changes and Updates.  (NEW on 06/30/07)

    Please visit the Webmaster page if you are a shipmate.  Help us solve the Mysteries.  Review the Webmaster's Bulletin page for informative and/or relevant articles which concern the Association and us as members venturing into the online world.

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