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The Rolling Stone "Online"

Here is where we talk about ourselves.  There will be four pages.  Plus a section for Special Photographs.

Cruise Books


Cruise Photos

1957 Cruise

1958-59 Cruise

1961 Cruise

1961 Album

Personal Experiences
Share special or memorable events as a shipmate onboard The Whetstone.
Two Pages and Looking for More.

Sea Stories
Share tales of the high seas (True or Not) from your life before or after The Whetstone.
 (None submitted as yet)

Public Events Participation
The Crew of The Whetstone was involved in Civic and Charitable events.  We need some research help so that we may publish these events.
(Not Ready)

Special Photos:
Check your Archives.
We will scan and return all photos.
Contact the Webmaster or Marion Goble.

The USS Whetstone (LSD-27) Underway (Submitted by J. W. Conover MM2 55-58)

From the archives of Vincent E. Leopold DC2

The Bennington Story (Submitted by Everett Ward - YN3 1967-70)






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