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We have added Individual Unit Reunion Listings to our site.
Visit the "Navy News" Newsletter through our Newsletter Page.


Alphabetized Agent Orange Ship List

List of AgentOrange Ships as of January-2011

Diseases Related to Agent Orange

H.R.556 - Agent Orange Act of 1991

List of AgentOrange Ships as of August-2015

Commander's Letter(1967-68)

List of AgentOrange Ships as of November 2018

Agent Orange and Cancer

A veteran's guide to starting and financing a business

VA disability payout rates for 2018

ASVAB practice test

MoneyGeeks Free financial tools, calculators


Blue Jackets.Com


Military Online Colleges

CinC Pac

Naval FAQ's

Affordable Colleges Online

America's Navy

Naval Historical Center

Military Pensions/Annuities


Navy League of the United States

USS Spadefish SSN-668

Hull Number LSD-27


Million Mile Secret's new article. Military Members Can Save BIG on Interest & Fees


NavShips Naval History Webring Home


The Veterans Voice

NavSource Naval History

Aerial Warfare

Department of Veterans Affairs

National Archives and Records Administration

Post 9/11 GI Bill

Fleet Reserve Assn. .....NewsBytes

Masters in History

Military Education Benefits and Programs Guide

Fort McHenry NM and Historic Shrine

Ohio Veterans Memorial Park

American Legion Veterans Education Center

Gear, Manuals and Other Stuff   (Surplus Goodies)

Veteran Benefits

Military Child Education Coalition

Honoring Those Who Served 
(Sources for obtaining Honor Guards)

United States LST Association

Guide to Master's Degrees for Veterans

Hyper War WW II on the World Wide Web

U. S. Military Memorials and Museums Info

2018 Credit Guide for Military Members and Their Families.

Navy Ships

US Navy.Mil

US Navy.Com

Public US Navy  

USS Midway Museum

Korean War

Military Reunions

Veterans, Reunions, Shipmates, etc.

Guide to Graduating Debt-Free

USS Whetstone LSD 27 Archives

Welcome to  (A Must See)

Korean War Navy BBS

History of USS Whetstone LSD-27

Pearl Harbor and WWII

Stores that offer military & veteran discounts

Crisis and need immediate help

Get Assistance

military discounts guide

National World War II Memorial

Ohio Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park

Honorflight Washinton DC Memorial's 


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Join us here or at the Rolling Stone Online site to get together with shipmates.

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We have added Individual Unit Reunion Listings to our site.
Visit the "Navy News" Newsletter through our Newsletter Page.

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To find the Best Utility rates in your area

All sort of information on Prescriptions

Copernic 2001 Basic, an Excellent Search Engine (Try this one)

Information you need about Retirement Health

Finding the Benefits Most Seniors Miss (NEW SITE)

Tired of wandering through menu options when calling a Business.  Get a Human to answer with this link.


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