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Reunion 2002

The 2002 U.S.S. Whetstone LSD-27 Reunion has evolved


2002 Reunion Schedule of events

Thursday, August 22, 2002--Saturday, August 24, 2002

Chamberlin Hotel  --  Hampton, Virginia

"Location, location, location" and "Timing is everything".  These two "Truisms" go a long way toward describing how the 2002 Reunion turned out.  Located on a low bluff inside the U.S. Army's historic Fort Monroe, the view of Chesapeake Bay from the Chamberlin Hotel was exquisite.  We were able to experience our Navy's finest as they progressed inbound and outbound.  I observed several Aegis Destroyers as well as the Carriers John F. Kennedy and Independence cruise into and out of view.  Had some great pictures as well, until I discovered that I had loaded the film wrong.  Duh!!!  Though one event was cancelled, we were able to observe a retirement ceremony and several other event on the base grounds.  Though the weather was hot and very humid, the festivities could not be dampened.

The timing was most likely the biggest factor of our stay.  Because of the need for increased security, Fort Monroe was more restricted than normal.  As a result, normal civilian traffic which made the Chamberlin a destination of choice was non-existent.  Without their normal traffic flow, the Hotel was forced to close their restaurant.  Several other amenities went by the wayside as well.  This placed a hiccup on our stay.  In the long run though, I would have to say that we all enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.

The Webmaster

The 4th USS Whetstone Reunion was held at the Chamberlin Hotel in Hampton, Virginia. It was wonderful renewing friendships and beginning new friendships with men that served aboard the "Stone." 

What a troop of shipmates we have in our Association. Regardless of the many challenges this reunion brought….whether it be hotel problems, a heat index of 115° each day, etc., our shipmates joined together to make this a memorable reunion and left each of us looking forward to 2004 when we will meet in the Seattle, Washington area for our 5th Reunion.

It is hard to believe that Bill Martin's vision of a USS Whetstone Reunion and Association has just completed the 4th reunion (1996, 1998, 2000 and 2002), our roster has gone from 150 people in 1996 to over 1,200 in 2002 and we are continuing to grow. When we first met in Las Vegas in 1996, not one of us envisioned the friendships we would make and sustain throughout the years, how we would look forward to seeing each other as often as possible and keeping in contact, and looking forward to the newsletters. My hats are off to each and every one of you that are the Association and participate in any way to keep the Association strong.

The rewards of finding people you served with and talking over old times is what the USS Whetstone Association is all about. It was so good to see new faces at the reunion that I served with in 1963-66 that I had not seen since that time. It is my desire that each of you will contact each other and keep this Association alive and well.

Marion Goble, President, USS Whetstone Assn.

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