2006 Reunion
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Here we go!  All the Photos taken by the Webmaster!
As with the 2004 Reunion, there are too many photos to place on one page.
Thus, they are split into event groups.
Some photos are near duplicates as there were a few scenes I wanted to make sure I captured.
The end result was to retain any photo that was viewable.

The Hospitality Room

This was the only place where we had enough Coffee!

Welcome Reception

Notice the clever use of the mirrors to show folks hidden by the columns.
During the course of the Welcome Reception, many gee-gaws were raffled off.
Oh, there were also some very good prizes.

The USS Lexington Museum

Lots and lots of interest shots.  Most importantly, this is where we held our Memorial Service.

The Texas State Aquarium

A real fish story.......nuff Said.

Kingsville and the King Ranch

You asked for lots of Bull........We give you lots of Bull.
I found the experience very interesting and enlightening.
The King Ranch Store in Kingsville......Pricey!

Joe Cotton BBQ

If there ever was a place to say; "I've had enough", this is the place.
The fare was excellent and plentiful.
Even those that strayed from the full plate serving received much more than they had imagined.

Dinner Cruise

Rough weather so we were limited to cruising the inner harbor.
Drinks were good and the meal was again, excellent.
watching the crew tie-up on our return was sort of a trip to our younger salty days.

Sorry, no Farewell Dinner Photos.
I was preoccupied with other projects.
I hope that other members who did take some pictures will provide them for us.
Also, expect an announcement on the availability of a Video from this event.


Start making your plans to attend the 2008 Reunion now, and call a couple of your shipmates who have been “UA” on past reunions and encourage them to attend.