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The Chapel is Dedicated to all who desire a quiet moment for reflection.
If you have a special need or want to inform Shipmates about someone whom we can hold in our thoughts or prayers;

Please contact our Chaplain

For Reflection

Please scroll down and re-read the letter from Kenneth Brown IC2 (1955-59) Or, "Click Here"
This is about the third or fourth time that I have notified the RollingStone that my husband is not dead! William served aboard the Whetstone from  1965  to 1969 at present he is suffering from pulmonary disease and is awaiting a donor lung. you may write him at William H SilverRyder POBOX 184 Centerville MA 02632.  That is located on Cape Cod. The story goes like this a SAILOR named Ryder met a WAVE named Silver. The two of them became one, put the names together as one "SilverRyder".  Ryder thus did not die just became one with the Wave, appropriately marrying on Veterans Day.

If you wish to list him as William H Ryder Jr./ aka Bill SilverRyder., be my guest. Just don't  list him as deceased  right now ...we could use your prayers.. not a burial thanks...We are both totally disabled Vietnam Veterans trying hard to stay alive and like I said I know Bill would love to hear from you all in case you can take a few minutes to drop a line or two. Thanks, and Happy Trails!

For email please contact the Chaplain or Webmaster.

                    Kathleen SilverRyder

I am the daughter of Clark Sanders who is a member of your association and was a machinist's mate aboard your vessel in 1950-1954.  Unfortunately, my dad lost his battle with mesothelioma on June 7, 2003.  As you may be aware,  it is a cancer caused from asbestos exposure with a latency period of decades. 

I am collecting information concerning his work history and exposure to asbestos.  If you have access to any information which might help me, I need it.  Additionally, if, by chance, you have any info on any others from your ship who might have contracted the same disease. 

I appreciate any help you might provide.  I can be reached as follows:

For email please contact the Chaplain or Webmaster.

Joyce Murphy
2161 Palermo Place
North Charleston, SC  29406

The Webmaster received a call from Rebecca Laudermilk on July 1, 2003 informing me that John EM2 1961-65 had passed away on May 8th.  It was a massive heart attack.  Apparently, John had several mild attacks some time ago but, this was the final one.  Mrs. Laudermilk expressed a desire to remain a member of the Association.  She may also be reached at 828-659-3329
I have enjoyed your website. I only wish I had discovered it while my Dad was still alive. His name is Gene E. Gorby. He served on the U.S.S. Whetstone from 1951 - 1954. He passed away June 26th 2003. He had fond memories of serving in the Navy.

Could you include him on your list of deceased members?

Charlotte Jeys

To my shipmates:

I have been very blessed in my life. The fond memories of my time served on the Whetstone LSD 27 (1955-59) have been on my mind a lot lately. Those were good old days. I was so happy to have found and/or seen some of you in the last couple years.

I thank you for your prayers and special thought at this most difficult time. I am now facing the most difficult battle of my life. I have Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma (brain cancer). Prayer has always been an important part of my life but now I only ask for God to send me his best warrior angels to help me in this battle. I trust God and know he is with me always. If and when I go on to be with my Saviour, please know that you will not be forgotten and I do hope to see all my friends, my wife, Patty, daughters Jill, Ginger and Jenifer and our 8 grandchildren on the other side.

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.

Kenneth L. Brown IC-2 (1955-59)

(Note from the Association: Kenneth passed away on February 16, 2004)  Your continued "Prayers" for Patty, her Daughters and Grandchildren would be greatly appreciated).


We have received word that on Wednesday, September 1 one of our members, Robert A. Moen SFM3 (1965-68) passed away.  We ask you to offer your prayers and condolences to his wife Geraldine and his family.  For Additional information please contact the Chaplain or Webmaster.


An Email from Daniel Gregory:

To those who knew my Father; his Shipmates; distinguished Friends and fellow Mariners... CARROLL "GENE" GREGORY - SN Onboard Dates: 1953 - 1956 ~Passed away in early January of 2012 ~ Permission to come aboard... My name is Daniel Gregory, the son of a proud Sailor who served aboard LSD - 27; the USS WHETSTONE. "Gene" arrived in San Diego, California in 1953 and was honorably discharged in 1956. His "Sea Stories" included many port stops in Hawaii; Korea and Indo China to name a few. Tales of Typhoons; the high seas and an "old school" Naval "tattoo" (The Eagle carrying the U.S.N. Anchor which he proudly displayed on his forearm) were among the many stories he shared with his family. Thank you so much to the writers and editors of "The Rolling Stone" newsletters. He sure enjoyed reading them and reminiscing those days aboard the "27". My Mom & Dad attended the Reunion in San Diego, California in 2000. They took part in almost all of the activities including the tour of a modern day "LSD". They absolutely loved it! My Dad purchased almost every "souvenir" you had available... the Cap; the Shirts; the Photo of his Ship; the Keychain; the Whetstone Mousepad; the Yosemite Sam Patch and I think... he also got the "Ship's Bell". These items are all proudly displayed in our home along with a photo of my Mom & Dad posing with a "Lifesaver" from the USS Whetstone. My parents were planning on attending the Reunion in Virginia when my Father had a stroke and could not make the trip. Their plan was to attend the 2012 Reunion this year in Branson, Missouri (September 16-20). (My Dad's birthday is September 14th) They also would have been celebrating their 53rd Anniversary of marriage... and were really looking forward to visiting Branson for the first time! I noticed in the last newsletter that my Dad's name was omitted from the list of shipmates who have paid their voluntary dues to help keep the newsletter "afloat". In honor of my father, I will be sending in his yearly dues. Our family would be equally honored to see his name mentioned in the next issue of "The Rolling Stone" and the "USS Whetstone" web site. Please notify the "Ship's Chapel" and Chaplain... to all those who still remain; a prayer for our brothers who have joined together and returned to the sea to sail once again aboard the LSD 27.. The USS Whetstone. "Gene" was a family man who touched the lives of countless others. He leaves behind the loves of his life... his wife; his children and grandchildren. Wishing you all "Red Skies at Night..."

Daniel Gregory



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